Last week we discussed renovating your property to sell it. This week we’re looking at the exterior with simple tips to improve your yard.

A gorgeous backyard can be a big factor in selling your house. With our beautiful Gold Coast climate, many buyers want a home with an appealing outdoor space. Fortunately, a little planning and minimal investment go a long way to improving your yard.

Weed and mulch

Tidy, well-kept garden beds make your yard look low-maintenance. Weed and mulch using a utility mulch like pine bark. Utility mulches look neater than sugarcane or lucerne, which is popular with gardeners. Remember when it comes to selling your property your priority is appearance over function.

Fix problems with plants

Does your neighbour’s property overlook yours? Is there a less than attractive outlook from your yard? Camouflage the problem by planting-out your garden beds. You can purchase mature plants from the local nursery, but even small plants will improve the look of your garden.

Go native

Our Gold Coast climate can be quite extreme so it’s best to work with the elements. Learn which native plants grow best in your area and work them into your garden. Native plants are generally hardy and usually low maintenance, which makes them very attractive to potential buyers.

Green your lawn

A lush lawn is a big drawcard to potential buyers. If your lawn is littered with bare or brown patches you can oversow it. Boxes of seed are inexpensive and available from your local Coles, Woolworths or Bunnings.

You might even consider laying new lawn, although this is a more expensive option. If so, opt for a Kikuyu grass as it is about half the price of the more popular Buffalo grasses.

Edible garden

The backyard vegetable garden is becoming increasingly popular. Not only does it add some personality to your property it is also practical.

A well-placed veggie or herb garden brings with it a certain environmental credibility too. This handy addition to your garden is likely to appeal to families with children, cooking enthusiasts and anyone who’d like to save a few dollars on their food bill.

You can buy seeds or seedlings and a planter at your local hardware store or create your veggie patch directly into the ground.

Prune conservatively

When aiming for the well-kept look some gentle pruning and tidying of plants and trees will give you great results. But don’t overdo it. You want your garden to look maintained and lush so don’t cut your plants back too much.

Create an oasis

Create a sense of privacy with strategically planted shrubs and trees. Add lattice or trellises for creepers to create colourful screening. Arranging outdoor furniture into cosy living spaces, will boost entertainment opportunities and potentially add value to your property.

Your outdoor space will influence how potential buyers perceive your property and an attractive yard will help people see themselves living in your home.

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