At Elanora Realty, we know selling your property is a huge financial undertaking so it’s crucial you engage a real estate agent you can trust. Your agent works for you and should represent your interests to the best of their ability. Here are 4 essential things you should consider when choosing a professional to sell your house:

Research thoroughly before committing

In the same way you look for a new home or read product reviews before making a purchase, you should invest some time in searching for your real estate agent. Everyone has a unique set of needs and you should shop around until you find a real estate agent you feel comfortable with. Spend some time and energy researching prospective options before committing. The difference could thousands of dollars and greater peace of mind!

Low commission rates and no upfront costs

Under Queensland law, agent’s commission fees can vary considerably. Real estate agents may charge up to 5% on the first $18,000 plus 2.5% (plus GST) on the remainder of the sales price. Many agencies also charge non-refundable upfront marketing fees in addition to a commission. With the average rate across Queensland sitting at around 2.59%, Elanora Realty is proud to charge a commission rate of just 2.5% including GST. With free property marketing, you won’t have to fork out for expenses before you’ve even begun the selling process.

Go local

Ideally, you should hire a local real estate agent who is familiar with your area. Look for someone with a proven track record selling properties in your suburb. To effectively assess your property’s value and come up with a strategic marketing plan, your estate agents will need local Gold Coast knowledge. At Elanora Realty we use verified local market data to inform our decisions and successfully market your property.

Professional, but with a focus on you

Does the real estate agent actually care about you and getting the best outcome for your property? Or do they seem more interested in adding another listing to their portfolio? It’s important that your agent is dedicated to their work, professional in their communication and keeps you informed throughout the sales process. Ask for references and seek out recommendations to see whether previous clients are satisfied with the service they received.

We know that choosing a real estate agent you feel comfortable with is important. Contact Alex or Jason if you’d like to discuss selling your property, alternatively download our property sellers guide for more tips on selling your home.